The Winter Festival

Winter in Sydney is pretty drab. It’s cold enough to rug up in boots, beanies, gloves and scarves, but it’s really not enjoyable. It’s often cold and grey, but it’s not cold enough to snow. Sometimes the sun peaks out though, but Australia is built to enjoy the sunshine and the outdoors! Sadly, most of winter should probably be spent curled up on the couch or huddled in one of Sydney’s many small bars dreading going outside. And that’s not a very enticing offer, as there’s not much to get up to. Enter, City of Sydney’s latest venture The Winter Festival.


Nestled down in Darling Harbour, The Winter Festival has been running since 2009 and includes an outdoor ice rink, an Alpine Village, a faux iceberg casually floating near the Imax and Lindt Chocolate Zorb Balls in Cockle Bay. And judging by this photo, the staff were just as excited by The Winter Festival as we were!


You can even take the littlies out on the ice with their very own penguin pal. Aren’t they cute?! They’re like the Seven Dwarves of the Penguin world!


There’s also Thredbo’s 25m inflatable slide, that is way too much fun! Once you’ve exhausted yourself on the ice and on the slide, Lindt has conveniently set up shop in the Alpine Village. Lindt Lindor chocolate balls in every flavour you can think of and is just what the doctor ordered to keep the winter blues at bay. My favourites included coconut, choc mint  and peanut butter. Yep, peanut butter Lindor balls! How could you not be happy with that?

IMG_2709 IMG_2713

And if that’s not enough cold weather fun, Winter Fest have also been kind enough to provide a snow machine, which gallantly tries (but sadly fails) to emulate a Swiss blizzard. Look at those tiny shards of ice, floating in the Australian sun! Kind of poetic, no?



The Winter Festival runs until July 13th and more details can be found here:




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