Online Dating

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade or so, chances are you’re involved with some form of social media. You might be involved for professional reasons, with the most outstanding LinkedIn profile currently in circulation, 500+ contacts and glowing endorsements, or you might just unknowingly be featured in the background of someone’s Facebook photo. Whatever the case, it was imminent that with the rise of social media, eventually online dating would jump on the bandwagon. And with people increasingly becoming devoted to smart devices, it was only a matter of time before some clever cookie made an app for that. I am of course, talking about Tinder.

Online Dating_Tinder

It’s been around for awhile and was predated by Blendr and Grindr, but it seems Tinder was the first app that actually made Online Dating (as opposed to random hook ups) possible. Sure, you could still use Tinder for random hooks up (and more power to you!) but a lot of people still use it exclusively for dating. Some of the most attractive and intelligent girls and guys I know are actively and openly using Tinder, with some highly entertaining (and sometimes cringe worthy) results. Props to this guy for his creativity!

Online Dating_Jake22

From something as little as chatting to someone who’s horrendous grammar drives you round the twist, to successfully finding a significant other, Tinder happily traipses both ends of the dating spectrum. I’ve had some rather entertaining Tinder dates myself, and I hope if I share mine, you’ll share yours! If I do meet up with someone, I always, always go somewhere public and tell a couple of people where I’m going. You never know who’s going to turn out to be a psycho! (or a reincarnation of Paul Walker, apparently!)

Online Dating_Paul Walker

I went out a couple of times with a guy who looked incredible on paper. He was highly educated and had a full time job, and was a devilishly handsome mix between Taylor Henderson and Thor. Strange mix, I know, but with a second job as a part time fitness model, this guy had tall, dark and handsome down pat. He was charming, could cook up a storm and wasn’t afraid to chat (tick! tick! tick!) seemingly a winner! Unfortunately, he knew it, and the arrogance was a real killer. He would tell me I should make time to see him because he was a total catch. One night I was at uni, and sent him a cutesy text asking him how his night was going, telling him I’d rather be seeing him than studying. He responded by sending me a picture of his dumbbells (presumably so I could see how much he lifts) with the caption “nah babe, I’m at the gym.” I called it all off the next day, citing different interests and telling him his constant references to how hot he was was a total turn off. He was really confused and told me he was looking for a long term girlfriend, which was unfortunately another killer. No one wants to be with someone just because they’re convenient. I really hope he finds what he’s looking for, but clearly I’m not it! It also goes to show that not all guys are on Tinder for a one night stand.

Online Dating_James Dean

Another boy I briefly dated seemed like a winner. He went to school with a good friend of mine, so I was able to suss him out before we met. He was working towards a degree in journalism and had a job at a high profile radio station, so I knew a mutual interest in media would provide hours of banter, and he made me laugh til I couldn’t breath! Alarm bells started to go off when I suggested he get sea monkeys (he lived in an apartment) and he told me he had commitment issues and couldn’t promise to feed them every day. I wrote this off as a joke, but when he pulled out Tinder in front of me and started pulling his latest match to shreds, I knew I’d had enough. Imagine what he was saying about me when I wasn’t there! And if he couldn’t get through a second date without openly rating other girls, we stood no chance. The other end of the Tinder spectrum had raised it’s ugly head!

Online Dating_Bad Date

While I still love social media and still have an active Tinder profile, I’m finding myself paring back my use. With the uni semester coming to an end, suddenly people have a lot more free time and my virtual social life is certainly calming down in favour of real life socialising! *gasp* In my opinion, nothing is quite as adequate as catching up for a good chat, IRL!


Different people have differing views on Tinder, so I’d love to hear your thoughts! These are just a few of my horror stories, and I’m sure I do things on dates that guys simply can’t stand either! I guess the best thing to do is to be yourself, and eventually, when the time is right, you’ll find the right person. If not, my backup plan is to be a dog lady who hosts tea parties and fosters children. Throw your horror dating stories (or the best date you ever had!) in the comment section below, I’d love to hear about it!


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