Cruisin’ Greece

What do you think of when you think of Greece? Are you a bit of a foodie, like me, and start to think of lamb, feta and seafood? Or are you a movie buff who immediately thinks of My Big Fat Greek Wedding?


Needless to say, despite our reluctance to leave Turkey, we were all excited to board a Cruise Ship to sail around the Greek Islands. After spending only one night in each city, it was such a relief to know we’d be in the same room for the next three nights. Customs at Pamukkale were remarkably relaxed, provided you knew what you’d done with your passport.


Don’t worry, he found it. Which was a good thing too, because who would want to miss out on this??



Yep, for the next three days, this floating city was to be our home. Complete with two nightclubs, three bars, a casino, a gym, a wellness center, a beautician and more carved melons than you could shake a stick at.


A girl could certainly get used to this!

Jacqui and I

Our first stop was the Greek Island of Patmos. Home to innumerable boutiques, delicious seafood and the signature bright colours Greece has become known for, I could have quite happily have spent a couple of days on Patmos just taking it all in.





While the calamari was undoubtedly delicious, I did find the batter a little heavy. Perhaps that’s just because I’m used to Australian fare, which is usually crumbed and lighter. Regardless, the serving was huge and it went down a treat!

The view also wasn’t bad.


The beach was ok too, I guess.


And if there’s another thing you have to check out when you’re in Greece, it’s the sunsets. The photos do not do it justice and the colours are just phenomenal! No wonder they paint everything so bright!


Having thoroughly out-shopped, out-eaten and out-sight-seen ourselves, we hurried back to the ship to prepare for that night’s entertainment: a Toga party. Apparently every Contiki tour has one, and thankfully our new guide had given us a toga-tying demonstration, because I am unashamedly rubbish at togas! I blame my height and an abundance of fabric.

When we got back to our room, my new roomie, Jacqui, and I discovered a new friend had been left for us by housekeeping!


While on board, you can take classes in learning to fold this little critter and his mates, but something tells me I’m not going to have time to fit it in!

After giggling our way into our Togas, with a huge amount of help from some other Contiki girls next door, we wandered around and around and around…. and around some more before we finally found the club we were supposed to be in. This ship is huge and I can already see myself getting lost!.

We were one of three Contiki tours on board, and it was strange to see our little tour triple in size! Nonetheless, everyone seemed to have the same mentality: let’s just have fun! Judging by the photos, I’d say we did just that.



Check out that sunburn! Ouch!!





If anyone’s interested, Louis Cruises can be found here

I bought my jewellery on Rhodes, but some similar pieces can be found around the place.

Try looking for cuffs here and here

Or if it’s long, Grecian-style earring you’re after, have a mosey here and here


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