A Most Delightful Afternoon

Having shopped ourselves silly and marveled at the beauty of how the other half of London live, Bec, Lucy and I made our way to Hyde Park for a bit of a picnic.


I love that in the middle of the hustle and bustle of London, Hyde Park looms as an expansive oasis. And in a city where you can almost always find wifi, it was great to find that Hyde Park is completely tech-free!

We made a quick stop off at Sainsbury’s to collect some supplies, before wandering into this green wonderland. We walked past half-naked people in rented deck chairs, whiling away the afternoon in the sun and working on their tans. A few locals had started up soccer, sorry, football matches, and lots more were playing volleyball with amazing skill!

But something drew us ever closer to the middle.


Right in the middle of Hyde Park is a huge lake! We plonked ourselves down next to it in the shade, and dove into our picnic.



Silence ensured for a few minutes as we all took in the serenity.

Bec had cleverly picked up some bread the day before and after our lunch, we indulged our inner children by feeding the ducks and swans.


This guy was obviously smarter than the average duck and took quite a shine to Lucy! She’d drop bits of bread above his head and he’d catch it midair in his beak.


Bec also soon found herself with lots of feathered friends.


There was no other way to describe it than delightful!





Sadly we eventually ran out of bread and made our way back to the hostel. We quickly bought tickets to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and stopped off for dinner at Camden Markets.


A good dose of veggies was just what I needed!


Before jumping on the tube and heading to Covent Garden for the show.





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