Working up an appetite for Borough Markets

What happens when two Aussie and one Brit are in London, and the Brit finds she needs to go home? Epic tourist moments, that’s what!


As sad as we were that it was time for Bec to go home, Lucy and I decided to pull ourselves together and explore one of the most famous cities in the world.


And because London is such a famous, touristy city, it is remarkably easy to get around. We jumped on the Tube and headed for London Tower.

Thankfully, there’s heaps to look at in London, because London Tower takes quite some committing to get to. But we wound up near Saint Paul’s Cathedral and took a few typical tourist photos on our wandering.





Once inside, Lucy and I began our rambling around the outside, along the Tower Walls. We explored former royal chambers and had a crash-course in English history.




The stained-glass windows were out of this world!


The line to see the Crown Jewels was ridiculous, but being the committed tourists that we are, we stuck it out and were not disappointed. I’m almost glad you’re not allowed to take photos inside, because they really are something that you must see for yourself. And I’m not just talking diadems and tiaras, there is a huge amount of finery and history surrounding them.


When we emerged from the cool of the depths of the Tower of London, blinking in the sunlight and starting to feel the familiar growl of hungry tummies, Lucy suggested we make our way to Borough Markets.

I’d somehow never heard of them, but Lucy and I both love food so set out with incredible enthusiasm.

Lucy’s recommendation did not disappoint.


There was food everywhere! We soon acquired ourselves some iced tea and bravely plunged into the foodie mecca, desperate to see every square inch!


From multicoloured Turkish Delight and dried fruit, to fresh produce, pies, cheeses, seafood and iced Pimms, there was so much to see! Fudgestalls and bakeries were interspersed with fruit shops and butchers, and the crowd was phenomenal!






I told one stall-holder to look cheesey, but sadly he did not enjoy my humor.


But Lucy cheered me up considerably when she found round zucchinis!



Having walked ourselves silly through our foodie mecca, we decided we needed a time out. I plonked for a slice of Banoffee Pie (two forks, please!) and Lucy somehow waded through the huge selection of fudge.



Just look at how delicious that pie looks!


For good reason, it didn’t last long around us! It is now my mission in life to develop the best Banoffee Pie recipe! Lucy very kindly agreed to help me taste test.

She’s quite skilled in the art of selection.


Full fit to burst, we waddled back to the Tube. Although we both would have happily enjoyed a good food coma, we were brave tourist pioneers and had to fit as much into our days as possible!

Also, we’d been told that Primrose Hill was not to be missed.


Clearly we weren’t disappointed!

Located in the middle of Regent’s Park, Primrose Hill gives spectacular views of London, and the walk there isn’t half bad either.



Taking inspiration from some of the locals, we whiled away the afternoon, enjoying the full depths of our food coma.




Someone was beautifully serenading their sweetheart with a ukulele, giving us some very pleasing background music. Who said romance was dead?



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