Craft Beer Fight Club

Can you keep a secret? The first rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club. Well if I tell you the secret, but you keep the secret, then there’s really no harm done, right?

I’ve found the perfect fusion of quirky and secrecy: Craft Beer Fight Club held every few months at the Dove & Olive.

If I unexpectedly go missing in the middle night, it’s probably because I’ve spilled the beans.


When I find a good venue I find it hard to keep my mouth shut, and the Dove & Oliver definitely fits the bill.

A friendly, but stylish venue that knows exactly what it is and exactly where it’s going. I find a lot of spots don’t know if they’re trying to be funky and fresh, or tiny and hipster. And we all know that trying to be hipster just isn’t hipster.


Unashamedly quirky, the Dove and Olive was supporting the Craft Beer Craze even before it became a craze. Every few months, D&O invites two local breweries down to showcase their best brews and fight it out to be crowned champion.



It’s a great excuse to get together with a few beverage-keen friends for a relaxed night of great pub food and (hopefully) excellent brews.

Starting with a lighter beer and getting progressively heavier, each participant will get 2 middies of beer from each brewery. The Brewers are on hand to tell you about the individual processes and really get your mouth in the right spot.



And while you’re there, you better get some excellent pub grub to compliment your beers. Self-described as “delicious, quirky and innovative pub grub” chances are you’re going to find something here fore everyone.

I plonked for the Wild Mushroom pizza: wild mushrooms, caramelised onions, goat’s curd, basil, lemon zest and mozzarella. Delicious!



Something I might have to try to recreate at home!

Mikaela tackled the Monster Chicken Parmigania. Don’t be fooled by her appearance. She may look delightful and tiny, but girl had a feast! I’d love to know what her secret is….

IMG_4260 edited

The rest of our crew couldn’t resist the lean cut Rump Steak, served with fries and salad. Incidentally, you can pick this little baby up from $9.90 on Wednesdays!

Served on a wooden board with an impressive (and vicious) looking knife, everyone was suitably impressed with their choice.


And if there is a person alive who can resist Sweet Potato Wedges I haven’t met them!


Fear not though, if (like me), you’re not such a fan of IPA/lager/beer in general. For those of you with a creative side, there is also a competition for the best Beer Label design.

IMG_4284 edited

IMG_4285 edited

There are some fun prizes up for grabs, including jugs of beer, t-shirts and sometimes even free tickets to the next event!

For all the info, check out the Dove & Olive’s What’s On page here. Tickets are so available for the first Craft Beer Fight Club 1 of 2015 tomorrow night! Available here.

Once you’ve booked your tickets and been along, tell me, how would you suggest this cider-lover bridges the gap and makes the jump to the malty-stuff? Or would you say leave it and stick to what you know?


2 thoughts on “Craft Beer Fight Club

  1. Looks like a great night! Bit disappointed by the lack of fighting 😉 When I clicked on the title I was trying to figure out whether you fought the beer or fought with the beer… either option has possibilities!

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