Armchair Collective

It’s been a cracker of a summer in Sydney.

One day it’s 22 degrees and raining, the next it’s 35 and brilliantly sunny. Today was one of those hot, sunny days so we decided to take full advantage: brunch, then beach.

And the best place to do this, without joining the masses at Bondi?

Armchair Collective


Not just content to do excellent coffee, they also do great food and sell an eclectic range of stylish homewares.

You see Armchair Collective is so named because it also sells refurbished, one-of-a-kind, designer armchairs.




I also LOVE this wallpaper


But that’s not why we were there.

You pick up menus, seat yourself and order at the counter at Armchair Collective. The staff are really friendly and always up for a laugh, despite usually being run off their feet.

Jus started with an iced green tea, but I wanted more of a kick with an iced coffee


It was a good thing our drinks were so big, because even though it was a busy, bustly Sunday morning, our meals took an unusually long time to arrive.

You could order literally anything off the menu here and you know it’s going to be good.

Everything screams deliciousness. From muesli to eggs to pancakes, every meal that we saw come out looked incredible. The tables are packed in tightly, too, so it’s really easy to have a sneaky peak at what your neighbours are eating.

Jus had the vanilla pancakes with banana brulee, fresh fruit and maple syrup


She loved them! And the bite I managed to steal told me why. Light and fluffy but still with that signature pancake weight, I was really tempted to steal another. The pureed berries around the outside was a surprise, and there was no sign of banana brulee but worked really well with the syrup.


I had the sweetcorn fritters with avocado and cherry tomato salsa, poached eggs and bacon.


And dived right in.

I’m shocking in the morning when I’m hungry.

Although the fritters themselves were a little salty, the avocado and cherry tomato salsa was chunky enough to drown it out. The poached egg was deliciously runny and also worked really well with the saltier fritters and bacon.


Although I’m glad there was only one egg, I can see someone with a larger appetite querying why the menu said “poached eggs” but it only comes with one.

We were seated quite close to the kitchen, but would have had no idea if we hadn’t been greedily drinking in the sight of all these wonderful homewares.


It’s cleverly hidden, and the display also cuts out most of the noise.

Armchair Collective also sells fresh cut, market flowers for a very reasonable price. If we weren’t about to hit the sand I would have been very tempted!


Bookings are not an option, but if you have to wait for a table, it’s well worth it. They also do lunch and dinner. Check them out here.


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